Training Schools

  • 17 participants and 4 trainers from 10 countries participated in the Training School, took place in Thessaloniki 02/03/2022-04/03/2022, with the title “Biocontrol (plants/fungi) as alternative method to control gastrointestinal nematodes in ruminants”.

    During the training school, trainees were trained in research on alternatives to synthetic anthelmintics, in the use and the evaluation of bioactive substrates and plant secondary metabolites for nematode control.

    Methods like “Preparation of plant material”, “Extractions for tannin containing plants and freeze-dried procedure for preservation”, “Larval Exsheathment Inhibition Assay – LEIA”, “Eggs Isolation” and Egg Hatch Inhibition Assay – EHIA” were some of the techniques which were taught during the training School.
  • The third training school “Tools for epidemiological implementation of complementary control” took place online
    on 9 & 10 November 2020. Fifty-one participants, mostly early career investigators experienced in empirical
    research from 17 countries were introduced into mathematical modelling aspects of parasite epidemiology.

  • The second training school “Advances in the field diagnosis of helminth infections and anthelmintic
    resistance in ruminants” took place from 12 to 14 June 2019 in CREMOPAR (Eboli, Salerno). Twenty
    participants and 5 trainers from 17 countries participated in a combusted workshop with lectures, practicals
    and a field trip.

    Testimonial Verónica Castilla
    Gómez de Agüero

    Testimonial Walter Basso
  • The first training school “Socio-economic aspects of helminth infections and AR” was organised on 21-23
    November 2018 in Bruges. Three days of intensive lectures, exercises and discussions were appreciated by the
    22 participants and 6 trainers coming from 13 countries.

    Testimonial Barbara Hinney
    Testimonial Teresa Letra Mateus


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    Meeting programme

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    Meeting Outcomes

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  • COMBAR Core Group meeting, 19 March 2020, Antwerp, Belgium
  • COMBAR WG 3 workshop “Integrating control with grazing and TST”, 17-19 February 2020, Belfast, Northern

  • COMBAR 3rd joint MC and WG meeting was held in Ghent, Belgium from 27 until 29 August and was organised jointly
    with the American Consortium of Small Ruminant Parasite Control.
    Abstract Book
    Meeting Report

  • COMBAR 2nd Joint MC and WG meeting in León, Spain,​ September 26-27

    Abstract Book
    Meeting Report

  • COMBAR core group meeting, 02-05-2018, Brussels, 10 participants
  • COMBAR joint WG and MC meeting, 31-01-2018, Warsaw Poland, 59 participants

  • COMBAR core group meeting, Toulouse, 28-10-2017, 8 participants
  • COMBAR kick-off meeting, Brussels, 19-09-2017, 16 participants

Short Term Scientific Missions

Name Grant Period Title Home Institution Home Country Host Institution Host Country Working Group
Andres García Campos 1 Evaluation of the direct activity of plant
extracts against ruminant gastrointestinal nematodes in vitro
University College Dublin Ireland INRA Toulouse France 3
Vahel Ameen 1 Comparison of Droplet Digital PCR and
Pyrosequencing Assay for Detection of Benzimidazole Resistance in
Haemonchus contortus
Freie Universität Berlin Germany Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences Sweden 1
Marcin Mickiewicz 2 Introduction to most common in vitro
techniques to detect anthelmintic resistance of parasites of
domestic animals
Warsaw University of Life Sciences Poland Slovak Academy of Sciences Slovakia 1
Charlotte Smith Bonde 2 Bioactive products from seaweed for parasite
control, SEAPAR
University of Copenhagen Denmark University of León Spain 3
Michaela Komáromyová 2 Genotyping of Haemonchus contortus L1 larvae
in the Egg Hatch Test via droplet digital PCR
Institute of Parasitology (Košice) Slovakia Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences Sweden 1
Paulius Baltrusis 2 Resistance to Benzimidazoles identification in
sheep parasite Haemonchus contortus via Pyrosequencing
and droplet digital PCR
Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences Sweden Freie Universität Germany 1
Helga Waap 2 Survey of helminths and assessment of
anthelmintic resistance in the Merino Branca sheep breed in
Instituto Nacional de Investigação Agrária e Veterinária (Lisbon) Portugal Faculty of Veterinary MedicineInstitute for Parasitology and Tropical Veterinary Medicine Germany 1
Lavinia Ciuca 2 Faecal egg count and faecal egg count
reduction test in sheep and goats
University of Naples Federico II (Naples) Italy Veterinary Research Institute, Hellenic Agricultural Organisation- Demeter (former NAGREF),
Greece 1
Alessandra Amadesi 2 Mini-FLOTAC automated system University of Naples Federico II (Napoli, Italy)Italy Italy Ghent University Belgium 1
Maria Elena Morgoglione 2 Comparison between conventional microscopy
(Mini-FLOTAC) with DNA-based technology for helminths,
protozoa and microbiome in large ruminants
University of Naples Federico II (Napoli, Italy)Italy Italy Bristol Veterinary School, Faculty of Health Science, Langford, Bristol United Kingdom 1
Aleksandra Vergles Rataj 3 Combatting anthelmintic resistance in
UL Veterinary Faculty. Ljubljana Slovenia Moredun Research Institute United Kingdom 3
Dominika Mravčáková 3 Experimental haemonchosis in lambs: effect of
medicinal herbs on histopathology
Centre of Biosciences of the Slovak Academy of Sciences Slovakia Epidemiology and Economics, Warsaw University of Life Poland 3
Filip Štrbac 3 The methodology of the diagnostics of
parasitic infections and methods for evaluating the efficacy of
antiparasitic drugs
Faculty of Agriculture (Novi Sad) Serbia CREMOPAR - The Regional Center for Monitoring Parasitic Infections Italy 1
Daniel Yasur-Landau 3 Conventional and molecular approaches to
examine anthelmintic drug efficacy in
National Veterinary services - Israel (Bet Dagan) Israel Freie Universität Germany 1
Maiken Gravdal 3 Introduction to molecular techniques for
detection of gastrointestinal helminths and possible
anthelmintic resistance
Norwegian University of Life Sciences Norway Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences Sweden 1
Francesca Shepherd 3 Chemical analysis of condensed tannins in
heather used for alternative parasite control
Scotland's rural college (Edinburgh) United Kingdom University of Turku Finland 3

Meet us at following events

  • ICOPAnhagen 2022. 15th International Congress of Parasitology. 21-26 August 2022, Copenhagen, Denmark.
  • WAAVP 2021. 28th International Conference of the World
    Association for the Advancement of Veterinary Parasitology, Dublin, 18-22 July 2021.
  • EMOP 2020. 13th European Multicolloquium of Parasitology
    “Changing climate, changing parasites”, Belgrade, 25-29 August 2020.